Design and produce a sneaker made out of 100% biodegradable materials, offering a solution to the growing amounts of waste polluting the planet from the shoe industry.
On average each person throws out 31.8kgs of clothing and shoes per year. With 85% heading straight to landfills there needs to be an alternative to the current shoe materials to break the shoe life line.
Using the US market to forecast which shoe styles are growing and targeting Athletic footwear or sneakers. Studies are showing the production and exportation of footwear declining suggesting consumers are valuing locally made ethical goods.

Creating my own DIY biodegradable materials to be used in a sneaker.
Concept Sketches.
Comfort Technologies.
Keeping up with current sneakers by scanning the foot and creating a 3D printed midsole and sole structure to be filled with foam. This way the midsole meets the force distribution and support needs of the individual foot. 
Created using Rhino partnered with grasshopper.
Final Design.
Constructed using biodegradable 3D print filament, merino wool, bio foam and linen, the Voronoi Runner uses no glues in construction so that the shoe can be dissembled and composted separately at the end of its useful life. 
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